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Favorite Things: Galentines

Thank you for coming through with some dynamite favorite things suggestions!

I put together both of our lists. Hopefully something on this list will help you with some upcoming 'favorite things' parties!

First up: a scalp massager! I got gifted this for Christmas and immediately sent my sister one. You know those "everything" showers where you are washing your hair and shaving your legs? This is a MUST!

Cute Geometry towel in their new valentines print. This was on my list, but so many people mentioned this when I asked as well. You could gift it separate or pair it with some counter spray or something. (Code johnsonfiles should still work)

This blush goes on "like butta." It was a christmas gift and I love wearing it. I wear the shade Beverly Hills.

For those people who love a yummy protein shake that tastes like a milkshake - I love Clean Simple Eats protein! The variety pack option is so genius. 10 different flaves to see what one you like the best. (Use code johnsonfiles to save $)

I actually gave this lip gloss last year at my favorite things party. The tube lasts me so long too.

I cannot make a favorite things list and NOT include my favorite Tony's candy bar. I find mine at Harmons. My favorite is the white chocolate raspberry or the sea salt Carmel.

Speaking of sugar - if you live near a Leatherby's, they sell their homemade caramel or fudge. They even package it all cute too! Definitely a must for my ice cream addiction.

As far as jewelry goes - Made by Mary is my tried and true. It works for my sensitive ears and I love the personalizing touch. I also love their jewelry box! They are such good quality. I used their travel jewelry case for years (before I finally splurged on their jewelry box). Both such quality items.

If you aren't ready for a jewelry case yet, what about a cute petite jewelry dish? Such cute ones available. Monogram one from Anthropolgie or this one from H&M under $5!

Do you have stainless steel appliances? Then you MUST have a bucket of these on hand. The most stolen gift at my party a few years ago were these wipes believe it or not!

I feel like towel wristbands are on every favorite things list these days. I still don't own any, but this was mentioned by you guys a lot! No more water running down your arms when you wash your face.

MUJI pens. This year and last year -these were one of the most popular things said!

I'm intrigued by the electric lighters.

I shared this around Christmas time. This hair mascara combats those flyaway hairs so well! (johnsonfileshm should save $)

This free people dupe weekender bag from Target was mentioned a few times by you guys and was also given at my favorite things party this last Christmas! Just purchased the cream.

This nail polish was mentioned a lot! It's supposed to look like salon gel nails and no gel light required.. My SIL gave it to my mother in law for Christmas and is a huge fan. You can find it at Target or Walmart I think!

Candle lamp warmer. I have seen a few people use these in their house. They seem like such a cute decor piece as well!

I have commitment issues when it comes to a whole bottle of perfume so I love that Dime Beauty does sample box of their different scents! (although I still can't choose yet. Just using them all first haha)

Can't go wrong with some cute ruffle socks.

My friend gifted me a 5 minute journal and I love it. Gives a few little prompts for a quick recap of that specific day: things you were grateful for, what made today great, daily affirmation, highlight of the day, and what you learned.

Cute dish gloves anyone? Pair it with the stainless steel wipes or geometry kitchen towel.

That's it for now! I'll try to continue to add things as I think of them. Happy Galentines Day!



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